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School Daze

When the kids head back to class, there’s space for moms to refocus and reboot.
A wellness coach shares how.

Although many are still reminiscing about the lazy days of summer, plenty of parents are secretly high-fiving each other that fall is here. Why? Because now there’s time and space for their own goals, like career growth, community connection, advocacy, fitness. “Feeling, doing, seeing beyond motherhood is important to women today,” says NoCo wellness and health coach Jennifer Watson. Here’s how she helps clients make the most of the fall window of opportunity.

Say “See Ya” to To-Do Lists and Social Media
“Our brain is constantly being overstimulated with our multiple errands and vibrating phones.

Cutting your lists in half and taking a break from Facebook frees mental space and sharpens the mind for all your grand plans.”

The Power of Three
“Research shows we humans like the number three, including when setting goals, because the brain finds that number of items easy to grasp. Choose three specific goals, write them down, and don’t be afraid to stretch yourself into new territory.”

Do it Backwards
“Barriers toward achieving goals often come from engrained beliefs and behaviors. Just like your muscles need different workouts to create change, your brain needs new workouts too. State your goals or new beliefs you want out loud while doing a new activity such as painting, skipping backwards, writing your goals with your non-dominant hand. The brain loves this jump start.”

“Giving creates happiness and happiness creates a whole slew of health benefits, including releasing happy hormones,” Watson says. So write a check to your favorite charity, anonymously pay for someone’s meal, give a real 30-second hug to someone you love (long enough to build trust and release oxytocin). That connection creates a domino effect of well being that makes achieving your goals even easier.
—Cara McDonald