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One to Grow On

Musician Katherine Homes releases Speak, a beautiful album you can plant.

Katherine Homes has been writing songs since she could speak but it’s just now, some thirty-some year later, she knows for certain she can’t keep her music for herself.

In the late 2000s, Homes was half of the Vail Valley folk duo Boxcar Daisies. But when it came time to go on tour for long stretches of time, bandmate Elli Gauthier wasn’t ready to leave her job, and Homes “wasn’t ready to tackle the music world” alone.

So Homes moved to the Front Range, turning her focus to environmental nonprofits, like her current position with Green Up Our Schools. But during a nearly six-year hiatus she never stopped playing or writing. 

Speak, released this fall, was produced by Jamie Mefford (Nathaniel Rateliff/Gregory Alan Isakov) and weaves folksy and poetic lyrics with Homes’ beautiful soprano, reminiscent of Gillian Welch tinged with Emmylou Harris.

Must-listens include the elegantly arranged “Maybe” and “Colorado Highway,” which has a mythical, completely charming sound. Homes penned the latter nearly a decade ago, while “Promise Me,” a poignant love song between a woman and the earth, was written just three days before she went into the studio. “I was like ‘I have to record this,’” Homes says.

Environmental themes are woven throughout the album so it’s fitting Homes chose to distribute the album in an earth-friendly manner: via a redemption code printed on a SeedCD. The handmade recycled paper coaster is embedded with non-GMO wildflower seeds you can plant after you download the album from her website, katherinehomes.com. That speaks volumes. —Caramie Petrowsky