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Envy Ski Frame hopes to change up the boot and binding market in a quest for comfier, warmer feet.

Ever look with envy at snowboarders and their comfy kicks, while you’re staggering in your awkward, pinching ski boots?
Yeah, same here. Newsflash: The new Envy Ski Frame allows skiers to wear snowboard boots to go downhill skiing.

Chris Schroeder and Anthony Orlando, buddies from high school, founded Envy Snow Sports, a Golden, Colorado-based small business, officially launching at the SIA Snow Show in Denver last year.

“We bought some old ski boots and snowboard bindings at Goodwill and started cutting them up in the garage a few years ago,” says Schroeder. “Over time we created about five different prototypes and took them onto the mountain to test.

We called them our Frankenboots.” After hiring engineers create drawings, 3D models and more prototypes, the duo found the right balance between design and materials to create a product that provides the comfort and performance.”

It was a tough process, says Schroeder, but it worked.

“Nearly everyone we talk with agrees that ski boots are cold, uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Industry analysts tell us many first-time skiers do not return to the sport because their feet hurt,” Schroeder says. “The stiffness of the aluminum base in combination with the plastic calf support mimics that of plastic boots. This also provides more advanced skiers the tip control and edge feel they are accustom to. Whether you are a beginner on green runs or going down blacks, you can now have both comfort and performance on the mountain.”

The retail price is $379 per pair.
envysnowsports.com —Aaron H. Bible